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Hungarianbirdwatching.com is an association of young, enthusiastic birders. We organise birding tours and birdwatching holidays in Hungary and in Budapest. Our birding tours are higly customised to your needs. 

During our birding trips to Hortobágy, Lake Fertő, Kiskunság, Lake Tisza, Bükk and Zemplén Mountains you have a reasonable chance to to see Great Bustard, Saker, Imperial Eagle, Pygmy Cormorant, Woodpeckers, Eagle and Ural Owl etc. 

We operate with small groups, and in our trips you will also have the opportunity to taste good Hungarian wines and explore the cultural heritages of Hungary.


Near 160,000 Common Cranes in Hortobágy …

… and another 9,000 near Szeged and Lake-Tisza (posted: 14/10/2019)

According to the count on 10th October 2019, the number of Common Cranes (Grus grus) in the Hortobágy area is 158,740. This figure is very close to the last year’s peak number of 160,240.
Another 2,500 Cranes were counted at Lake Fehér at Szeged and additional 6,400 at Borsodi-Mezőség (NE from Lake Tisza). This week we have an Indian Summer in Hungary, excellent opportunity to see cranes during the day.

Common Crane pic

Near 130,000 Common Cranes in Hortobágy …

… and still increasing (posted 05/10/2019)

According to the synchronous count on 3rd October 2019, there are already 128,000 Common Cranes (Grus grus) in the Hortobágy area. It’s 12,000 more, than the average of the last five years’ counts (average 116,000 cranes around 4 October).

Common Cranes Count Staistics

Usually the second and third week of October is the strongest, last year the number of Cranes peaked at 160,240 on 12th October 2018. This year the maize production is excellent and on many fields corn harvest has not started yet, so there is a good supply of food for the Cranes. If weather will be mild, you can see the Cranes in Hortobágy until early to mid-November.

Common Crane pic

Second Yellow-billed Loon record in Hungary...

... found on gravel pit in Hódmezővásárhely (posted: 11/02/2019)

This video is a proof of the second record of the Yellow-billed Loon (Gavia adamsii) in Hungary. The bird was found on 7th February 2019 by Zsolt Ampovics on a gravel pit in Hódmezővásárhely, S-E Hungary. Zsolt is an excellent birder and local twitcher, who has uploaded thousands sightings to Birding.hu from the Dél-Alföld Region. He is also known for his excellent bird, nature and habitat photos, some of them you can find here.
The video was made by Bence Kókay who found the first Yellow-billed Loon in Hungary on Lake Balaton early December 2016. Congratulations to Zsolt for the second record and to Bence for the excellent video of the Yellow-billed Loon.

Yello-billed Loon pic

Merry Christmas...

... by Hungarianbirdwatching.com (posted: 23/12/2018)

Robin pic

Black-winged Kite in Hungary in Kiskunság…

… found on 30 November 2018 (posted: 06/12//2018)

Black-winged Kite (Elanus caeruleus) is a very rare vagrant in Hungary. The first record is from August 2012 (Csákvár, Transdanubia). The current sighting of Black-winged Kite is only the second confirmed record of this elegant bird of prey. The bird was found by Dr. Csaba Pigniczki, senior ranger of Kiskunság National Park, on 30 November 2018. The kite is feeding on rodents, and likely has found a good foraging area at a weedy rape field, because the bird has not moved on in the past six days.  Dozens of Hungarian birders had the chance to tick this raptor on their list. The Black-winged Kite was usually seen on a traverse or cable of high a voltage power line, some 10 kms from Szabadszállás. Congratulations Csaba, and thanks for sharing the info.

Black-winged Kite pic

Azure Tit - First Record in Hungary…

… found on 18 November 2018 (posted: 19/11/2018)

Hungary's first Azure Tit (Cyanistes cyanus or Parus cyanus) was found on 18 November 2018 by Csaba Barkóczi at Szeged-Fishponds. Interestingly it was found in South-East Hungary! Congratulations Csaba! You made the day of several Hungarian birders! The excellent photo is by Bence Szántó.

Azure Tit pic

Still 140,000 Common Cranes in Hortobágy …

… number peaked at 160,000 in mid-October (posted: 25/10/2018)

Based on the recent count, the number of Common Cranes (Grus grus) in Hortobágy is 139,500. The number of cranes peaked at 160,000 in mid-October, the highest number in the past two decades. In comparison in 2014, 2015, 2016 each, the maximum number of Common Cranes were around 135,000. According to experts the increase of numbers of cranes in Hortobágy is attributable to the strengthening of the northern breeding population and to the changing of migration routes of the Siberian population (assumption needs to be verified). If weather stays mild, the cranes will remain in the area till mid-November.

Common Crane pic

Common Redpoll Invasion in Hungary …

… long awaited by Hungarian birders (posted: 04/02/2018)

Many Hungarian birders’ dream came true this winter when they had a good view of a Common Redpoll. The Common Redpoll (Carduelis flammea) is a regular winter visitor in fluctuating numbers in Hungary. In the past ten years Redpolls overwintered only in small numbers, and there were years with no or less than 5 observations. The graph below shows the sightings of Common Redpolls in Hungary based on the records of www.birding.hu.

Common Redpoll Sightings pic

The winter 2017-2018 is an invasion year and between 28 October 2017 and 3 February 2018 314 sightings were uploaded to birding.hu. Largest flock reported was around 80 species. Lesser Redpolls (Carduelis flammea cabaret) were also observed in higher numbers then in the previous years, 13 sightings in W2017/18. The Redpoll on the picture was photographed in January 2018 in Budapest.

Common Redpoll pic

Oriental Turtle Dove in Hungary …

… vagrant or an escaped dove? (posted: 22/01/2018)

These days Hungarian birders from across the country make pilgrimages to Siófok to see an Oriental Turtle Dove (Streptopelia orientalis), which is an exceptional rare vagrant in Hungary. In November and December 2017, an Oriental Turtle Dove was seen several times in Tószeg (near to Szolnok) and on 11 January another one (or the same?) in Siófok at Lake Balaton.

There are disputes whether the Oriental Turtle Dove(s) are vagrants or escaped ones from captivity. Nevertheless, dozens of Hungarian twitchers travelled to Siófok in the past few days to see this exotic turtle dove, including Bence Kókay, who made this wonderful shot on January 20th, 2018.

Oriental Turtle Dove pic

Bird Jokes

Magician and his parrot

A magician was performing on cruise ship and each night while performing his pet parrot keeps saying quotits up his sleeve "its in his pocket". "Its in his shoe". "In his pants" etc and the magician was loosing his patience.

One night while performing his tricks the ships boilers blew and the ship sank, the lucky magician was able to grab onto a ships table and float on the sea for a few days. The parrot in the mean time seemed non plussed and was looking quizzically at the magician for a few days whilst drifting.

On the 4th day the parrot looks at his master and says "I give up... what did you do with the ship?"

Old man got drunk

An old man was sitting on a bench in the mall when a young man with spiked hair came over and sat down beside him. The boy's hair was yellow and green and orange and purple. He had black make up around his eyes. The old man just stared at him.
With an attitude, the boy said, "What's the matter, old man, haven't you ever done anything wild in your life?"
The old man answered, "Well yes, actually, I have. I got drunk once and had sex with a parrot. I was just wondering if you were my son.


Spying picAlbatross bragging picPhotographing birds pic

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