019 Gadwall
(Anas strepera)


46-56cm. Slightly smaller than Mallard, with narrower wings and body. The Gadwall has exquisite pattern on its body which can be seen at close range only. From distance its body is grey. It has pale brown head, a bit square head, steep forehead, and narrow, straight black bill. The gadwall has black stern, pale wing and yellow-orange legs.


In Hungary the Gadwall is scattered breeder on lakes covered with aquatic vegetation. Large numbers occur only at Kis-Balaton and Lake Fertő, however numbers of breeders increasing in the Eastern part of Hungary. During spring it can be seen in largest numbers in March, during autumn it passes through Hungary between September and early November. A low number of overwintering individuals can be seen between November and February.

019 Gadwall pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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