028 Red-crested Pochard
(Netta rufina)


53-57cm. Rather large with long bulky body and large, rounded head. In all plumages very conspicuous broad white wing bars. Male Red-crested Pochard in breeding plumage lhas rusty-orange head (palest on crown) and striking coral-red bill. Breast, stern and centre of belly black, flanks white. Swimming bird tipically shows white narrow patch at side of mantle. Upperparts plain brown.


In Hungary the Red-crested Pochard was a vagrant in spring and late autumn, but has started to breed in increasing numbers since the mid 1980s on various locations in Transdanubia (Lake Fertő, Kis-Balaton, Dinnyés marshes, Rétszilas and Soponya fishponds). During the past few years has expanded its range eastwards and started to breed at Lake Fehér near Szeged. In spring migration lasts from March until May, in Autumn from late august to early December.Between May and August breeding and oversummering birds can be observed. Considered common on passage in some parts of Transdanubia (Lake Fertő) when flocks over a thousand individuals can be seen.

028 Red-crested Pochard pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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