029 (Common) Pochard
(Aythya ferina)


42-49cm. Medium-sized, short-tailed duck with with long neck and long bill with concave culmen running without step into sloping forehead, giving fairly distinctive profile with smoothly peaked crown. In all plumages, wings have indistinct greyish wing-bars. Adult breeding males have bright chestnut coloured head, blackish bill with pale grey band across outer part, reddish eye, black breast.Flanks and back pale ash-grey, stern black.


In Hungary the Common Pochard is a fairly common breeding bird on ponds with scattered vegetation. Occurs throughout the year, overwinters on unfrozen sites. In March as well as in October and November flocks of several thousands can be observed on Lake Balaton, Lake Tisza and extensive lowland fishponds.

029 (Common) Pochard pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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