031 Ferruginous Duck
(Aythya nyroca)


38-42cm. Medium-small, rather short-bodied duck with long bill and neck, and characteristically high forehead and peaked crown. Adult males' whole plumage deep chestnut (tinged purplish), darkest on back and palest on flanks, except for white undertail and belly. It has white eye.


In Hungary the Ferruginous Duck breeds mainly in fishponds with dense vegetation, reservoirs, oxbow lake, marshes. Most important populations live in Somogy, Hortobágy, Biharugra and Southern Great Plain. The former population decline has recently stopped, and an increase can be observed at certain places. Migrant, occasionally overwinters. The first birds arrive after thaw, and soon concentrate near the breeding sites. The autumn gathering starts in the second half of August, and the last birds leave the country by mid-October.

031 Ferruginous Duck pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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