041 (Common) Goldeneye
(Bucephala clangula )


40-48cm. Medium-sized, compact duck, with large, rounded head like a knob on a fairly short neck. Its crown slightly peaked and shape of head triangular. Bill rather small an triangular. Speculum white rest of underwing appearing blackish. Much white on upper forewing on adults. Breeding male's head is black with green gloss, with large white rounded loral spot. Eye is yellow, breast and flanks white, stern and much upperparts black. It has narrow black scapular lines hanging down over white flanks.


In Hungary the Common Goldeneye is a common winter visitor. Occurs predominantly on larger unfrozen wetlands such as Lake Balaton and the Danube, fishponds and gravel pits from October until April. Exceptionally few individuals (presumably injured ones) occasionally stay through the summer. The most important gathering and wintering sites are Lake Balaton, the Danube and Lake Tisza where they can number some thousands.

041 (Common) Goldeneye pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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