047 Hazel Grouse
(Bonasa bonasia )


34-39cm. Rather small, roughly Jackdaw-sized bird. The Hazel Grouse has plump body, small head and bill. Intricate plumage pattern with greyish upperparts, brownish wings and whitish underparts, latter marked dark brown and rufous. The male has short crest, which can be erected its throat bib is blackish, bordered white. Tail greyish with prominent black terminal band. Female like male, but smaller crest, and throat brown, speckled white, not black. Colours duller, upperparts less clean grey.


In Hungary the Hazel Grouse breeds in small number. It used to be widespread in 1970s in the Northern Uplands, but nowadays only fragmented and dwindling populations can be found. Confirmed records of the past few decades are from the Aggtelek Karst, Karancs Medves and Bükk Mountains. Resident within its breeding range.

047 Hazel Grouse pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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