065 (Eurasian) Bittern
(Botaurus stellaris)


69-81cm. The Eurasian Bittern is a large buff-brown heron. Slightly smaller than Grey Heron, but its shape much more compact and stocky, with thicker neck (usually hunched into shoulders), loose throat feathering, and shorter legs. Rarely seen on ground (stays hidden in reedbed), and presence mostly revealed by distinctive voice. When alarmed in reedbed, adopts camouflage posture with bill pointing up (bitterning posture).


In Hungary the Eurasian Bittern is typical breeder with stable population on extensive continuous marshlands, reed-beds, alkali marshy meadows and canal banks with wide reed skirting. The majority of the Hungarian population breeds on the Great Plain. Migrant. Occurs in Hungary between late February and the second half of November, but depending on the weather, regularly overwinters in small numbers along partially unfrozen ponds and canals.

065 (Eurasian) Bittern pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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