073 Great (aka Great White) Egret
(Egretta alba )


85-100cm. The Great (aka Great White) Egret is a very big heron. Almost the size of Grey Heron but a shade more elegant with its dazzlingly white plumage. It has very long and slim neck, and long yellow bill. Its legs are blackish or dull yellow mainly above joint. Upon flying its long legs and arched wings can be seen.


In Hungary the Great Egret is fairly common breeder in colonies of varying size in marshlands and on the fishponds of Transdanubia and the Great Plain. The population is increasing, the most important colonies are in Hortobágy. Migrant. Usually occurs in Hungary from February until early December, though tends to overwinter with increasing frequency.

073 Great (aka Great White) Egret pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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