079 Glossy Ibis
(Plegadis falcinellus )


55-65cm. Dark bird. Legs and neck quite long, curlew-like downcurved bill. Plumage dark purple-brown, with green gloss on wings. Lores blue with narrow white border .Superficially like Bald Ibis, but has longer legs and neck, and in flight, when feet project past tail-tip, shows longer, narrower neck, and curlew-like wingbeats are more mechanical, with frequently interspersed short glides. Often flies in lines, flock’s flightpath a little undulating.


Glossy Ibis is a rare localised breeder in small numbers in Hungary. It is established in the Hortobágy, and breeding in fluctuating number. Occasionally breeding at Lake Csaj, Lake Péteri, Lake Tisza, Kis-Balaton and Dinnyés-Fertő. When breeding it prefers densely vegetated marshes and fishponds. Migrant. Can be observed in Hungary between April and September, but late October and November records are also known from southeastern Hungary and the Hortobágy. In recent years sightings have become more frequent in lowland wetlands and Transdanubia.

079 Glossy Ibis pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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