093 Montagu's Harrier
(Circus pygargus)


39-50cm. The Montagu's Harrier has very long and narrow wings, slim body and narrow, long tail. Flight buoyant and tern-like, especially male. Female very similar to female Pallid Harrier. Melanistic birds occur rarely in W Europe. Adult male: Resembles male Northern (aka Hen) Harrier, but differs in shape, flight and in having black bands across secondaries. Chestnut streaks on belly detectable at close range. Adult female: Best separated from Northern Harrier by shape. From Pallid by slightly narrower wing-base; obvious dark band across brown secondaries above, just outside coverts; widely spaced prominent dark bands across pale buff secondaries below, pale colour not darkening towards body as on Pallid.


With a slightly increasing population it regularly breeds in certain farmlands, wet meadows, bogs and sedge bog east of the River Tisza, in the Danube-Tisza Plain and in Transdanubia. Migrant. In spring it migrates between March and late April, in autumn between late August and late September.

093 Montagu's Harrier pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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