104 Golden Eagle
(Aquila chrysaetos )


80-93cm. Very large, long-winged eagle with typically long tail, about as long as width of wing. Silhouette typical also in wings being slightly narrower at base and inner ‘hand’, producing S-curved rear edge, most pronounced on young birds. Flight powerful, often 6-7 rather deep, slow wingbeats relieved by glide of 1-2 sec., then further short series of beats, etc.; flightpath usually straight. Head-on silhouette when soaring, and often when gliding, typical, with wings raised in shallow V; at times also glides on flatter or somewhat arched wings. Common to all plumages is rather dark brown colour with yellowish-brown or light rufous-brown (due to variation, not age criterion) nape-shawl.


In Hungary the Golden Eagle is rare breeder. Since late 1980s some pairs regularly bred in the Zemplén Mountains. Primarily a late summer vagrant and winter visitor in small numbers. (August-March), mainly in the Northern Uplands and in the Great Plain.

104 Golden Eagle pic

© Graphics by Szabolcs Kókay

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