Birding Tours

Why our Tours?


Birdwatching picMost outgoing birding tour operators organise only one or two birding tours per year to Hungary (mainly in May and October). Tours are usually 7-8 days long (first and last day mostly travelling), very standardised, group size between 6-12. Itinerary is not flexible at all, does not respect individual interests and there are always some people in the group who always look into the scope before you. During these tours you have limited opportunities to meet local people and get acquainted with our history, culture and heritage.

Contrary, the tours organised by

  • available all year around any day,
  • made even for single birder or a couple,
  • can be day trips, 2-4 days tours or weeklong holidays,
  • fully personalised to your needs (we seamlessly integrate in the itinerary your subjects of interests such as winetasting, thermal bathes, castles and palaces, rural heritage, music),
  • have flexible itineraries and respect the needs of spouses (not necessarily gifted birdwatchers),
  • can start either in Budapest or even Vienna and end anywhere in the country,
  • let you better know Hungary, the Hungarians, our wines, meals, music, culture and history,
  • further on we and our tourism partners provide full support planning your holiday.

In our portfolio we have private/customised tours as well as standard and scheduled tours. you find various tour offers: day-trips, scheduled tours and elements of bespoke tours. Read some itineraries, and tell us what you would like to see during your tour and we plan it.

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Standard and Scheduled Tours


Standard tours are birding tours with well-developed, proven itineraries which meet the requirements of most birders. We run these tours all year, but the high season is between May and August and the itineraries contain the birds which can be seen in this period of the year. The standard tours are either day trips (D1, D2, D3, D4), week tours (A, B, C, B+C) or long tours (A+B+C, A+B, A+C). You can select the standard tours by using the interactive map below:

Select tour on map

We scheduled some standard week tours and long tours for mid May. If you prefer birding in a group you likely find a suitable tour for you (see the A, B, and C tours and their combinations). The minimum group size for scheduled tours is 4 birders. See the scheduled dates in the following table:

Tour Duration (days) Start End Status
Tour A
2-May-2020 7-May-2020 OPEN
Tour B
7-May-2020 11-May-2020 OPEN
Tour C
9-May-2020 13-May-2020 OPEN
Tour A+B
2-May-2020 11-May-2020 OPEN
Tour A+C
2-May-2020 13-May-2020 OPEN
Tour B+C
7-May-2020 13-May-2020 OPEN
Tour A+B+C
2-May-2020 13-May-2020 OPEN
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Private Tours


If our Scheduled Tours do not fit your travel plans and/or you have special requests regarding the birds, areas, itinerary, accommodation or side programs, we suggest to book a fully customised, tailor made tour with us. Our strength is designing personalised tours, taking into consideration the needs of the participants and we can integrate side programs seamlessly into the itinerary. With our tour partners we can arrange sightseeing or winetasting programs or can buy tickets to the Opera or concerts.

To prepare a customised itinerary and pricing we need to know:

  • the number of participants,
  • the start and end date of the tour,
  • which birds you wish to see and which areas, habitats you prefer,
  • what are your hotel requirements (3*,4*),
  • whether you need transport or wish to use your own or rented car,
  • what kind of side programs you prefer (e.g. winetasting, sightseeing, opera/concert visits, etc.)
  • any physical or dietary constraints we need to be aware upon planning the trip.

Based on these information, we can prepare a personalised itinerary, which is finetuned based on your feedback. Once the itinerary is finalised, we can prepare a price offer for the private tour.

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You can read some of our recent customers' reviews at Tripadvisor.

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Prices of our Scheduled Tours you find in our pricelist. Prices of not scheduled standard and private/customised tours are dependent on number of birders, areas visited, transport needs (some birders prefer to use their own/rented car, other need transport), accomodation preferences (some birders are happy with a BnB, others need 4* hotel full board and add-on programs such as winetasting).

Price per birder per day starts at EUR 70 (more birders, guiding only) and ends around EUR 240 (few birders, all inklusive service), so please, give us the opportunity to provide you with a detailed price offer. We do not have any hidden costs such as fuel surcharges, entrance tickets, forced tips, etc.

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Our preferred payment method is banktransfer, however you can pay through Paypal or with your credit/debit card.

  • Bank transfer: If you are committed to the tour, we send you the bank details by email
  • Paypal: If you have a Paypal account, either „Send Money” to or we can send „Request Money” to your Paypal registered email
  • Credit Card: We send you a link to a payment site (Paypal checkout), where you can pay with your credit or debit card