Tour "D1": Kiskunság


During this trip we will be birding in Kiskunsag a Pusta (steppe, grassland). Kiskunság is some 70 km South-East of Budapest and is the biggest habitat of Great Bustard which is the main target bird for many birders. We will also visit fishponds where different ducks, herons, gulls, shanks, waders and warblers can be seen. We will also see typical birds of the Kiskunság like White Stork, Crested Lark, Corn Bunting, Bee-eater, Roller and with some luck various raptors like Saker, Red-footed Falcon and White-tailed Eagle.

Areas: Kiskunság
Duration: 1-day
any date
Group size
: from 1-2 birder(s)
Meals: sandwich/picnic lunch on the field
Transport: 1-3 birders by passenger car, 4-8 birders by minibus
Tour category: easy walking
Price: ask for actual prices
Detailed itinerary:

Tour D1