Tour "D2": Tata and Surroundings


During the day we will be birding in Tata a nice baroque town 75kms from Budapest. The Old lake of Tata (Öreg-tó) is a protected Ramsar area where many geese and waterfowls spend the winter. The forests around the lake are also excellent habitats for woodpeckers, tits, songbirds, thrushes. Near Tata is the Ferencmajor fish-pond system, where beside egrets, herons and other waterfowls, raptors can also appear. Tata can also offer a short sightseeing in the downtown.

Areas: Tata
Duration: 1-day
any date
Group size
: from 1-2 birder(s)
Meals: sandwich/picnic lunch on the field
Transport: 1-3 birders by passenger car, 4-8 birders by minibus
Tour category: easy walking
Price: ask for actual prices
Detailed itinerary:

Tour D2