Szabolcs Kókay - Paintings

Juvenile Dotterel Szabolcs Kókay started to work for BirdLife Hungary in 1994. Five years later he moved from BirdLife Hungary to the Ministry for the Environment, Authority of Nature Conservation, where he was working on the Washington Convention (CITES) for 2 years.
Szabolcs has been birding since the age of 12, but started to make bird and nature illustrations only at the age of 20. During his professional carreer he was given more and more orders for illustrations from National Parks and non-governmental organizations and in 2001 Szabolcs became a freelancer full time illustrator.

Being an autodidact Szabolcs Imperial Eagleowes a lot to his artist friend, Róbert Muray (1931-2009), who was another well known nature-artist in Hungary helping Szabolcs with advices, critiques and consultations.
At the beginning Szabolcs was making only black-and-white line drawings then he tried painting and nowadays he is working almost exclusively on paper with acrylic colours. His favourite theme is 'birds in the modern world'. He enjoys illustrating how nature can adapt to the changing environment. Szabolcs considers it a very important topic.
To learn more about his art and his passionates visit Szabolcs Kókay's personal website...

Lars-Olof Johansson - Photos


Corn BuntingLars-Olof Johansson the world famous nature photographer was birding with us. Lars-Olof has received Highly Commended award on "Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2004" competition for an image of a Gentoo penguin family and Highly Commended award on "European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2004" for an image of a Ghost Crab .
Lars-Olof attended a conference in Budapest in early May 2006. After the event he spent two half days with us birding in Kiskunság. Though he had only limited time in the Kiskunság area and the weather was not the best, he took excellent photos of Red-footed Falcons, Great Read Warblers, Corn Buntings, Rollers and White Storks. If you are interested in his other pictures visit Lars-Olof’s website...

Vadim Davydov - Photos


Roller pic Vadim Davydov a young talented nature photographer spent two days in Kiskunság by birding with us. Vadim is from St Petersburg, so many of the birds were new species for him. During this trip he was using Canon EOS 30D camera with Canon EF 300 f/4 IS USM lens with Canon 1,4 extender attached to the lens. So the shots you see in this gallery were made with this equipment. During the trip some 60 species were were seen of which 18 birds are shown in the gallery. You can read more on his trip here. If you are interested in his other pictures visit Vadim’s website ...

Zsolt Kardos - Photos


White-tailed EagleThe young, professional wedding and glamour photographer Zsolt Kardos is also a passionate nature photographer. Zsolt is working with Canon gears and many of the photos you can see in our gallery were shot in the hides of DreamBirdPictures at the shore of Pacsmag Lakes . DreamBirdPictures is Zsolt's new hide photography venture, and we are working together with Zsolt, offering birding+hidephotography tours. Contact us for details.
You can see Zsolt's nature and wedding portfolio by visiting the links...

Helge Sorensen - Photos


Long-eared-OwletHelge Sorensen the renowned Danish bird photographer spent a week in Hungary in June 2014 birding with us. Helge's webpage contains one of the largest collections of bird photos on the web.  Currently there is over 50,000 images representing more than 500 species and many subspecies. The idea behind his webpage is to show the bird species that occurs in Europe and North America in as many plumages, poses and situations as possibly, in a way that also ornithologists, artists can find inspiration and help here for their work. Helge came to Hungary with a goal to photograph Red-footed Falcon, Saker Falcon, Eagles, Owls, Roller, Golden Oriole and Warblers. During the tour he could see some 150 species, and in our gallery you find a few pictures of the thousands shots Helge made on the weeklong tour in Kiskunság, Hortobágy and Zemplén Mountains. For more breathtaking pictures of Helge, see his Hungary travel 2014 gallery...

Zoltán Oláh - Photos


Great-bustard-flying Zoltán Oláh is a young enthusiastic birder, and also a keen nature photographer. He has a large portfolio of Hungarian birds, since he spends most of his spare time on the fields. Zoli is working with Canon and Tamron gears sometimes using portable blinds or his car as a hide. On our tours we usually involve Zoli when the guest birders are also photo enthusiasts, since Zoli knows well the areas and light conditions, which is of paramount importance for bird photographers. He is also involved in nature protection projects some of his photos can be found on SPA, IBA or Natura 2000 project sites.